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Core Concept: Let people who wants to do things have opportunities, people who can do things have stage, and people who can make achievements have status and treatment. Only talent is the only thing that must be promoted.

Employment Philosophy

Selecting person with ability and integrity, virtue first, meritocracy, better using director. 

Employee Ideal

Employee working standards

Zero waiting---Clear plan, timely reply; today's task, finish today;

Zero distance---Honest communication, thoughtful service; strict self-discipline,generous treatment;

Zero Consumption---unity and synergy, same target;abandoning small profits to seek greater benefits.

Employee essential qualities

Sincerity: Sincerity is the principle of interpersonal relationship between us and our customers, between our company and our employees.

Focus: Focus is to take the company's interests as a priority, love your job, and do your due diligence.

Dedication: Work quality, product quality and service quality are always the life of the company. For this reason, each employee should be conscientious, conscientious and persistent in doing things.

Innovation: Only by innovation can we get more development change.

Service: Recognized, supported and trusted by customers,we need to provide sincere service. Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.

Team: Share information,experience and happiness; Everyone seeks new things and everything is competitive.

Positive: A positive attitude is the beginning of success. Everyone will encounter difficulties or problems. We must face, overcome and solve  them with a positive attitude.

Learning: Employees should be diligent and eager to learn, good at thinking, thoughtful and be more respected;should be able to endure hardships and be more admired.